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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#ChallengeToWrite -- A little about my hometown....

Okay, so my regular readers will know that I joined a ChallengeToWrite at the beginning of May. I hate to say that I haven't been up to the challenge everyday :(

I have forgotten about it or had planned to write my post... Even get it started... And then get distracted and the posts never get finished.
I have decided to catch up on the topics that I missed. Even though they will be out of order, I'll post the date that I was supposed to write them and the topic name with each post.
I'm warning you... These posts will be EXTREMELY out of order!!!

I would like to start my out of order catch-up with the topic from May 9, 2013:
A little about your hometown....

My hometown is Candler, North Carolina. A small town outside Asheville, NC. Most people would say that I live in Asheville, and I do say it often but the truth is that I live in Candler and I have for almost my whole life. I was born in Asheville because that's where the hospitals are but my home has always been in the country. Candler isn't very big and you can drive through it in just a few minutes. We have farmers markets, lots of mom and pop stores, horses and cows! if you take any back-road in Candler, your sure to pass a pasture with either some horses or a few cows... sometimes both. But it doesn't smell bad like you would think it would with all the animals. (I have cow fields near my house and you would never know it.... unless you payed attention when you was on your way here of course!) My fiance always says that Candler isn't the mountains but I believe it is. The views are beautiful and sometimes you can see for miles! It can get pretty bad in the Winter though and I'm not a fan of that one bit! Most of the places that I've lived have been off back-roads and it's always been hard to get to and from home when a big snow storm hits. I try to be prepared when the weather is calling to be bad.
We're near the Blue Ridge Parkway (in Asheville) and it don't take too long to get to the big stores and entertainment that ALWAYS goes on in Asheville. I am sad to say that I have lived in this area my whole life (minus 3 months when I lived in Hickory, NC) but I've never been to the Biltmore House or an Olive Garden! I know... Crazy right?! Hard to believe, but true. I've also never ate at the local Red Lobster... even though my fiance works there! That's okay though because I'm not a big seafood fan.... If it came out of the water then I'm not going to eat it. Well, that's a lie. I do eat tuna every now and then and I have been known to eat a bit of crab dip. But the Biltmore House, Olive Garden and Red Lobster are in Asheville, not Candler. To be truthful.... there's nothing big and popular in Candler. We're just a bunch of country people who know how to party on the back-roads! (When I was a teen and young adult, I was always at some sort of party off one of the many Candler back-roads!) That's one thing we have LOTS of... BACK-ROADS!! I love them, you can go on a drive and take in all the scenery.
(We do have Enka High School, their sports teams have been known to win a good bit of games!)
I love my hometown!
I love Candler, NC!!


  1. LOL! I had to chuckle at your post and the restaurant statement. My Mother In Law loves The Olive Garden they recently got one in their hometown and she just loves it.

    1. I've drive by The Olive Garden all the time but never ate there lol Maybe soon :-) I've heard the food is good!! :-)


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