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Saturday, May 11, 2013

$10 Off - Mega Bloks Barbie Coupon

While scrolling through my Coupon Database, I noticed a coupon for $10 off any Mega Bloks Barbie Purchase when you spend $30 or more on any Mega Bloks Barbie product. With my daughters' birthday's coming up, this deal caught my eye.

The coupon is on the 4th page in the Coupon Database, you should be able to click the #4 at the bottom and find it pretty easily. It may move a page or two depending on if any coupons are added or removed in the next few days.

Mega Bloks Barbie sets run at between $79.99 to as low as $5.99.

The red prices are Online Prices, the small gray prices that are marked out will be closer to store prices.

I started looking around and saw that at Walmart, the Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Style Pool Party Play Set cost $30 online and $39.99 in-store.
With the $10 off coupon, this toy can be purchased for $30 In-store! (Most online printable coupons cannot be use online, unless stated on coupon or the site where it was printed from.)

What if you daughter already have one of the bigger Mega Bloks Barbie sets?

With this coupon you could buy a few of the Value Bundles (these normally run between $6-$10 a piece) and once you use the coupon, you would end up with a great deal!! One of the Value Bundles would be free!!

(Note that In-Store prices will be a bit different that Online prices, check the gray marked out price when looking for in-store estimated prices on the websites.)

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