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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Foot-Print Butterfly Wall Art

Back in September, my daughters and I decided to make Butterfly Wall Art and I shared the craft with you.

About a week ago, I got the most wonderful opportunity to be a part of a small group of bloggers that got to test out a program that allows me to group up the supplies needed for a project into a basket for you to purchase! The program is called Mystikit. You can choose which ever items you do and do not want to buy, all those options are up to you!! Everything is purchased through which is wonderful since almost everyone buys from Amazon atleast once in their lifetime! The process is very simple and it makes things easier than having to make a shopping list and head out to the store. I will be using Mystikit with all my Crafts and DIY projects along with recipe posts (for food and natural-household) It will take me a few weeks to get all the Mystikits made for the Crafts that I've already posted but a few of them have already been updated. I will make a list of crafts that have a Mystikit made for it, at the bottom of this post.

Here is a summery of how to make Butterfly Wall Art with your children:


  • Washable Paint (we used finger paint)
  • Paint Brush
  • White paper or Canvas
  • Permanent Marker

  • Frame - If you used Paper instead of Canvas like we did
Start by painting your child's foot. It can be just 1 color or a mix of many colors.
When your finished painting the foot, stamp the left foot on the RIGHT side (right wing) of the paper and the right foot near the other foot stamp but on the LEFT side (left wing). Use a permanent marker to draw the body, head and antennas. 

My daughters had a BLAST painting each others feet and making their own Wall Art! It was great family time spent with my daughters and we plan on making more butterflies real soon!

To view or purchase the Mystikit for the Feet-Print Butterfly Wall Art, click the button bellow

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  1. That is a really cute idea. I bet my 3 year old would love it!

    1. I'm sure she would!! My daughters couldn't get enough painting toes :D


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