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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#ChallengeToWrite -- 9 favorite books of all time

Today for the #ChallengeToWrite, I would like to write about my favorite books... the topic from May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013
Share your 9 favorite books of all time

Even though this topic may seem easier than some of the others... I'm going to have a few trouble picking 9 of my favorite books. Huh... Do I have to have them in order of how much I like them?? That won't happen.... Now lets get started!

  1. The Island of the Blue Dolphins - I read this book many times in school and even though I don't remember alot about it now, I know that it has always been one of my favorites.
  2. Twilight - Yes! I love me some sparkly vampires!!
  3. New Moon - What's not to love about adding a WareWolf to the mix?
  4. Eclipse - The Love Triangle keeps me on my toes and makes me even more interested to continue reading
  5. Breaking Dawn - The excitement and thrill of Bella turning into a Vampire FINALLY! And the birth of a half human and half vampire is enough for any girl to dread the end of a series!!
  6. Iron King - The action mixed with the love is very exciting and I couldn't put the book down!
  7. Iron Daughter - I have been known to dream of being A Summer Faerie Trying to Make it in the Mortal World and even have a facebook page about it. I love how faeries are names I know and the love story is amazing.
  8. Iron Queen - The story continues as Megan grows powerful, troubles don't end and the love keeps burning.
  9. Iron Knight - In the words of the Ice Prince, the ending to a beautiful story takes place and everyone loves a happy ending!
My original Secret Garden Book

So I guess that wasn't as hard as I thought it was. it would of been harder if my favorite books didn't come along with an awesome series!! I'm sure I could continued on an added Secret Garden, a childhood favorite of mine that I read over and over and still own my original copy! I could also add that one of my FAVORITE books is Marilyn - The Last Take..... anyone who knows me or reads my posts, knows that I am a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan and always has been.

A few more of my favorite books

What are some of your favorite books?

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  1. I had a really hard time with this challenge, as well. I have read tons of great books. I love Twilight too! I also loved the Hunger Games series.


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