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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Strength and Support with AT Surgical Ankle Brace

When it comes to being active, my fiance and I are completely different. When I am able to get out, I'm a runner and a walker while Alan is more into MMA (mixed martial arts) and other similar training.
We got the opportunity to try out an AT Surgical Ankle Brace that is made to give extra strength if you have weak ankles or calves. They are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large; we chose the Medium since it was said to be 9 to 10 inches in length. I figured my fiance and I could both be able to wear it, their is a big difference in out feet size but it was worth a try.

Alan decided he wanted to try it out first while he was doing a little training with a neighbor. He said that he liked the way it fit it ankle and ended up wearing it to work that night as well. Alan said the that the ankle that the AT Surgical Ankle Brace was on, that foot didn't hurt as bad as normal. Quiet a surprise!

A couple days later, I was heading out for a run and I figured I would see if the AT Surgical Ankle Brace would fit me. IT DID!!!! I slid it on and it was very comfy and tight. Out for my run I went! I ran my normal distance down my road and back and could really tell the difference in support my ankles had. The one with the brace felt tighter and not as sore.

What all is the AT Surgical Ankle Brace made for?
  • Additional strength and support for weak ankles and calves.
  • Provides the right amount of sustained pressure around delicate joints.
  • Improves over-all ankle health.
  • Machine-washable and reusable.
You can purchase the AT Surgical Ankle Brace for less than $12.00 plus s&h and it comes in White or Beige. We chose White.

Over all, we really enjoyed our experience with the AT Surgical Ankle Brace and would recommend the AT Surgical Company to anyone looking for any type of body supports from head to toe, they have what you need!

While visiting their site, I saw a Tummy Belt for pregnant women!! It's made to give the extra support they need for their back and belly. The Tummy Belts are available in Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Support strength plus there are many different designs that are made to relieve different areas on the pregnant woman.

The AT Surgical site is out of service at the moment.
Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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