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Friday, May 3, 2013

Overcoming Our Fears with Funky Yellow Bus - Our Review

Overcoming Our Fears with Funky Yellow Bus

The first day of school can be a tough day for the little ones. They don't know what to expect when they climb up onto that Funky Yellow Bus. Everyone gets nervous and scared sometimes. It's a natural way of life, learning how to overcome your fear is always been a challenging task, especially for kids.

When I got the opportunity to review a new Children's Book about overcoming those nervous moments, I jumped at the chance! 

The book is called Funky Yellow Bus by Robin B. Rosenberg

It's about little girl named Brookie Cookie who is nervous for her first day of school and having to ride on that Funky Yellow Bus

The photos are very bright and colorful, they really catch the eye of young readers and helps them relate to the story. My daughters had me read them Funky Yellow Bus over and over again! They love it so much that Loran reads it to her sister often.Loran has many nicknames and one of them just happens to be Brookie, so she was super excited to find out that the little girl in the book was named Brookie Cookie! She even has brown hair like my daughter.

Throughout the book, Brookie Cookie finds her best-friend on the bus, has fun and ends up loving her rides on the Funky Yellow Bus! She overcomes her fears and realizes that she has nothing to be afraid about. Everything is going to be okay!

My girls, Loran and Jade, both know how it feels to be nervous of the first day of school and that first day riding the Funky Yellow Bus (I use to call it the big Cheese lol). It wasn't that long ago that they stood at the bus stop and wondered what it was going to be like once they walked up those 3 big steps! 

Like Brookie Cookie, my girls overcome their fear and had a blast on the bus.
My girls are young so we still have many more nervous moments to overcome and I'm glad that we now have the perfect book to fall back on when my girlies need an extra dose of encouragement. 

Funky Yellow Bus may be about riding the bus for the first time but the lesson it teaches can be used for many other nervous and scared moments as well.

In my eyes, I believe the motto of the story, Funky Yellow Bus,  is -- Change isn't easy and you may get nervous or scared but as long as you be brave, you can overcome anything!

Funky Yellow Bus by Robin B. Rosenberg would make the prefect addition to any grade-school child's book collection! When your child has a nervous moment, run and grab Funky Yellow Bus and borrow some courage from Brookie Cookie.

(This book is also easy to read with the small rhyming poem-like pages that are catchy and fun. My 1st grader could read it with just a small amount of help.)

Watch the video trailer below to view a sample of the Funky Yellow Bus by Robin B. Rosenberg

For more information on Funky Yellow Bus, visit the Website, Facebook or you can Buy it on Amazon.


  1. My son hasn't ridden the bus yet because we live across the street from the elementary school, but I know he will be eventually! This sounds like a great read for anyone who is facing the "funky yellow bus"! The pictures are so cute, too :)

  2. We just got this book - my girls really loved it and I think they felt better about new situations!


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