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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Madison County Tailgates and Farmers Markets

While I was at the Community Fair at Enka Middle School, a couple weeks ago, I picked up an Asap Local Food Guide from a booth set up by the Appalachian State Collage. In the pamphlet, is a list of over 800 local listings of family farms and local food business!! I would like to share some of those listings with you. Buying from the community helps more than just yourself. You are not only buying fresh locally grown/bred food but your helping local families make a living. Everyone needs to pay their bills and fill up their tummies!

The following listings will be in ABC order

Madison County Tailgate Markets and Farmers Markets

Madison County Farmers & Artisans Market
Saturday's 9am-1pm

Corner of Park Dr. and Physical Plant Dr. across from the tennis courts on the Mars Hill Collage campus.

Madison County Indoor Winter Market
January-March Saturday's 10am-2pm

250 Carolina Ln. at the Madison County Cooperative Extension office in Marshall.

Sundays on the Island
Sunday's 12pm-4pm

Blanahasset Island, cross the river at the Courthouse on Main St. in downtown Marshall and immediately turn right onto island.

I thought their would of been more tailgate and farmers markets in Madison County but I guess I was wrong, I've only been in Madison County a couple times and I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings either time, so I don't remember much.
I will be adding more Madison listings soon from family farms to roadside stands etc. Keep an eye out!

Disclaimer: All listing above are from the FREE 2013 Asap Local Food Guide that I received at a local Community Fair. If anything is out of date, let me know and I will update it asap. I haven't had the chance to look up every listing since there are alot of them available.

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