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Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Lori!

Happy Birthday to a VERY Special Person!

Today is my aunt's 26th birthday and I can't believe how much has change in the past few years. Lori has always been my favorite aunt. She's my mama's sister and only 5 months and 3 days older me. When we were babies, my daddy-paw (Lori's daddy) would hold Lori in one arm and me in the other while teaching us what to call him... He would look at Lori and say "Daddy" and then look at me and say "Paw". I squished the 2 names together and started calling him Daddy-Paw :-)

Lori and I are so close in age that when we were kids that I would spend 90% of the time that school was out, at Lori's house. (We went to different schools so we couldn't spend the night with each other on school nights) We would blast "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Low Rider" while jumping on the trampoline and playing "House" in a near by barn.
I remember hanging out at my Daddy-paws shop with our radio and heavy bags full of paper, coloring books, magazines and all kinds of other stuff that could keep 2 little girls occupied for hours. We would dance on the back of a flat bed truck and search for blue crab claws in the near by creek. We even started our very own magazine called The Butterfly Club. We took interviews of family members and had everything planned out. We even printed out fliers, I remember that they were yellow with flowers and butterflies all over the page. We has our own nick names for The Butterfly Club Magazine but I don't remember what they were... Bubbles and Buttercup keep popping into my head but I'm not sure if I'm thinking about the Power Puff Girls or about our Butterfly Club Nicknames lol

We would go fishing for huge goldfish at our paws house and swim around in a creek for hours. I could never take a fish off my hook so I always had Lori do it for me :-) The creek would be full of random cows alot of the time but Lori and I didn't care, we would play in the sinking sand and splash around all day... Cows or no cows.

Lori and I grew up together, we went through the same troubles at the same time. I would be there for her and she would be there for me. 

Since we've became adults, our relationship has faded a bit but I still love my aunt more than ever. We worked together, we were pregnant together Our daughters are the same age and I wish they were as close as Lori and I were. Maybe one day they will be :-)

I know that if I ever truly need something, that Lori will be there for me. She's a wonderful person and I don't know what I would do without my aunt Lori! 

This photo is from when Lori and I was
in high-school. She was playing with
my hair and this is the out-come!

Some cool info about my aunt:

  • She LOVES washing clothes
  • Her Favorite Color is Purple
  • She's had many nicknames but her latest one is Lu-Lu
  • She's a hard worker and currently has 2 jobs
  • She can do amazing things with hair!

OOOOHHHHH Before I forget.............

"Happy Happy Birthday, from all of me to YOU.......
Happy Happy Birthday... I hope your dreams come true!!"

(Alittle Birthday song that I call and sing to Lori every year!)

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