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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RIP Richard "Hank" Edwards

Dear Hank,

  I said good-bye today and it truly broke my heart. I know we will see each other again but we'll be missing you until then. I touched your chest and broke into tears... i didn't know what to say to your dad and seeing Dotty so hurt, made me break down. Yall were perfect together, brought out the best in each other. the perfect match for the perfect people. They say that the best die young but I don't understand why. Why can't the best thrive to be even better? Why take such a young life?

I was only able to go to the viewing and I hate that I am going to miss the funeral. alot of your friends are going to do "donuts" Hot-rods in your memory! I bet your looking down on us, very proud to see everyone who loves you. The funeral home was packed! People just kept coming! Everyone is going to miss you!

Dustin is taking it pretty hard. You and him were very close and we all wish we would of had more time with you. I've rose Duder out of a depression slum before and I am ready to do it again. It's going to be tough but we will get through it.

Jeff also came. He broke down and cried. We had some good times together. I'm thinking about asking Jeff if he wants to go walk to that abandoned house with me soon and see if we can sit on the porch and remember old times. The porch that we ran from.... Through the woods and Jeff landed in a hole... You and I stopped and you made sure I was safe. I wasn't scared, you and Jeff were there to protect me if anything went wrong. I miss those days.

I remember you hanging out in the "hood" with all of us. Dustin, Dotty, Mom and Pops, Butters and the rest of the Enka crew..... We had some wonderful times. I saw April and Zeke, Nicole and Misha. Butters and Rosco, Brandon and Melody. Everyone showed up to pay their respects. And I mean EVERYONE!!

Don't worry about Dotty, we'll take care of her. She's a strong girl and has lots of loving people around her. I also know that not only are your watching down on her... Mom and Pops are too! Yall keep watch from Heaven and I'll keep watch from Earth. I won't let her fall and I won't let Dustin fall either. 

You have my word! 

You lived a great life! You were happily married to the woman of your dreams, had wonderful friends and always kept your head up. Never angry for too long. I don't remember seeing you mad at all! Down to earth and quiet. As sweet as a teddy bear! We love you more than you will ever know!

Hank... You will forever be missed and remembered in our hearts and memories!

It's your turn to relax.... We will see you again one day!

RIP Richard "Hank" Edwards

Love always,
Your Friend Autumn

The above words are my own feelings and memories of a lost friend. Some of the names used in the writing are real life Nick-names while the real names are in the obituary at the top.

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