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Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Dollhouse Table and Chairs

DIY Dollhouse Table & Chairs

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Making Jade's table and chairs for her dollhouse was pretty simple.

There's just a couple simple steps to do:

First off you will need six 20oz bottle lids and 1 larger one (we use a lid from a 1gallon Punch bottle)
Glue the top of 2 lids together with a hot glue gun
Once your glue is dry, Glue the bottom of one of the caps to the underneath-center of the larger lid.

Cut a piece of cardboard to the shape that you want you table top and glue the larger lid to the center.

Let dry, Flip Over and lay a small piece of scrap fabric to the top.

The other 4 lids will be "chairs" (More like stools)
(I only have 3 in the photo because out table was against wall)

And your finished!!!!

Grab a tiny doll and have some fun!!

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