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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honey... We have a problem... A Bug Problem


Note To Self - Never spray half of your house with bug spray if you don't have time to spray the other half...

We have a bug problem!!! It wasn't that bad of a problem until I convinced my fiance to spray part of the outside of the house, before he headed to work, yesterday afternoon.

It started out as a simple ant problem once the weather started warming up. The ants were starting to show up in our daughters room a little bit, where they would drop trash behind the dresser and forget about snacks on shelves. They even popped up in my room when I would forget a drink can sitting. It wasn't much though, just a few here and there. A quick spray with some bug spray and the problem was gone.

While I was getting some summer bags out from under our house, I noticed a decent size ant trail going up into my floor, under the master bedroom. I had recently signed up for a BzzCampaign from BzzAgent for an Amdro PowerFlex Pest and Weed System and had been expecting it in the mail soon. It showed up at the Post Office and I was able to go pick it up yesterday. I was so excited about using the system that i convinced my fiance to spray the area under out house that I saw the ants at. He also sprayed at out back door, on the same side of the house. He then had to go inside and get ready for work. I was pretty relaxed, Alan had sprayed the ants that were coming into my room so I didn't have to worry about my drink getting attacked when I was asleep.

He went to work and I continued my day as usual. It wasn't until Alan got home from work, after midnight, that I went into my room. On the opposite side of the room from where he sprayed the outside and under the house, is my side. Our bed is in the middle of the room and I have lots of things on my side including a couple bags of summer clothes that I haven't went through yet. I also have one of those plastic drawers that hold my lamp and LOTS of randoms. The dryer is not far away (Yes the dryer is in my room.... I have no clue what the the designers were thinking).I have a couple Mountain Dew cans on my dryer and now I am afraid to touch them..... ANTS ARE EVERYWHERE! I can't figure out where the trail is starting at. If I remove the cans, where ever I take them, the ants will take over that area. They have lead their trail in, out and over my stuff so well that I can't just start spraying! The only way to remove all the ants is to start by moving all the stuff. I can't be making all that noise while the kids are asleep and I can't go to sleep with my room half covered in ants! My fiance fell asleep on the couch so I can't run there either.... 

Atleast I can say that I have only seen 3 ants on the other side of my bedroom! I have learned my lesson! Never spray half of your house with bug spray if you don't have time to spray the other half! I have so many ants in my room right now. The weird thing is that the ants look odd.... Some are the normal tiny black ants and then some have a stripped butt! I thought that maybe the queen had the stripped butt and then I remembered the queen has wings, not a different butt. That's when I started noticing that more and more of the ants had the stripped butts!!!! I'm not sure what kind of crazy ant-bug I have in my house but they are giving me the creeps! I can't even go to sleep. I stayed in the living room for as long as I could and then I figured I needed to let Alan get a few hours of sleep without the lamp on and me typing on the computer. So I moved to my room... Now I'm sitting in the middle of my bed and feeling like I have ants crawling all over me. I keep feeling something even though the ants are not on me. I'm afraid to go to sleep even though I'm starting to get really sleepy since it is now 6:30am (when I am typing this post, the time will be different when it gets posted live and you get the chance to read this.)!! Today is going to be on LONG day! My fiance works all day today and it's a weekend so I won't be able to catch up on my missed sleep while the kids are in school like I normally can when I end up staying up too late.

Somehow I will have to get up enough energy to find how the super ants are coming inside and GET RID OF THEM!!!! I cannot go another night with these ants slowly taking over my room. It seems like they don't even have to have something to go after to show up. Yes they have a couple drink cans but they are not all after them Most of the ants are crawling on the outside of a summer clothes bag that has nothing sweet or food like inside it. Good thing this new Pest and Weed System has stuff for inside and outside because I would be flipping out more than I am now if I didn't have a way to get rid of these ants. I hate bugs, they make me itch, I feel like they are on me when I know they are not. 

Wish me luck! I'm not sure how this job will get done or how long it will take but IT WILL GET DONE... SOMEHOW!! 

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