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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Looking Fabulous in Our Old Navy White Jeans

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Being a stay at home mom who doesn't get out much, I don't get new clothes for myself often. All of the new clothes that get brought into my home are for my 2 growing daughters.

That's why I was super excited when I got the chance to get a pair of Old Navy White Jeans for being an Old Navy Influencer at CrowdTap!

I received 2 coupons for FREE pairs of Old Navy's White Jeans via CrowdTap.  One was for me and the other was for a friend, I gave my friend coupon to my good friend Mel. We've been friends since middle school and now our kids go to school together. She's a BIG shopper and got super excited about getting a free pair of Old Navy White Jeans!

Not long after receiving my coupons, my family and I headed to Old Navy, in the Asheville Mall, to pick me up some new jeans.

As soon as we walked into Old Navy, my daughters started talking to the plastic people in the front of the store!! It was great!!!!

I didn't have to look far before I saw the long tables fill of lots and lots of white jeans!! There were capris, skinny jeans, flair legs, boot cut and a couple other different styles of white jeans to choose from. Old Navy's white jeans have really cool names other than the normal "Skinny Jeans" name. Things like: Diva, Sweetheart, Flirt, Rockstar and Boyfriend. I enjoyed looking through all the jeans and reading their names. My daughters were too busy trying to figure out which one of the fake people looked like them. I don't believe they've ever seen little plastic kids until our Old Navy trip. (I told you, we don't get out much haha)

I settled on the Diva Boot Cut jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans or capris often but I've always been a fan of the Flair-Legged and Boot Cut style. Old Navy jeans are made a bit smaller than other brands so I picked me out a couple pairs and headed to the fitting room.

First try and they were a perfect!

I love the way my new Old Navy White Jeans fit! You can wear Old Navy White jeans with anything... Heading out to the mall with some friends? Throw on some Old Navy white jeans with a cute tee and head out the door. Girls Night Out?? Old Navy White Jeans also go great with some high boots or heals and matched with a sassy shirt!

From Casual Day to Night Out in minutes by simply changing your shoes and your shirt! I love it!!

I paired my new jeans with some low boots, that my fiance cut out of the photo, and my favorite Tinkerbell tee. 
Ready for a day of hanging out with the family!

All photo's belong to Thru My Eyes Photography

Mel also headed out to get her new jeans on the same day I did, she chose the capris. They look awesome with a pair of sandals and a cute tank-top.
Since I modeled my new Old Navy White Jeans with a casual look, Mel wanted to show you a different way for wearing capris.

When you think of capris, you think of short pants that you would wear on a warm day. Most girls wear them with tennis shoes, flats or flip-flops/sandals. But have you ever thought about wearing them with tall boots? You don't have to wear skinny jeans to look good in a hot pair of boots....

I love how Mel paired her capris with some high boots and black shirt. She added a pop of color with a hot pink undershirt to help bring the whole outfit together. I think she did a wonderful job! She looks fabulous!!

All in all... Mel and I love our new Old Navy White Jeans!
Summer here we come!! 

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  1. Haha! My daugther talked to the plastic dog in the front of the store for like 20 minutes! You guys look great in your white jeans :) I'm still loving mine!

    P.S.- My parents live outside of Asheville! We'll be heading that way this summer :)

    1. Those plastic people can occupy kids for a while LOL! I need one for home haha.
      Thanks for the complement :-) I'm sure you look great in your jeans aswell!

      WOW that's awesome about your parents living so close! Where abouts outside of Asheville? Maybe we can meet downtown and have lunch one day this summer!


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