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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comfort during Feeding Time - My Bottle Pets Review

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Comfort your baby during feeding time with a stuffed animal and bottle cover... All-in-one!

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Feeding time can be tough sometimes. Every baby has their days where us as parents, know their hungry but they just don't seem interested in the bottle and they may be too young for solids. What do you do? 
Slip their bottle into a Bottle Pet!

Bottle Pets look and feel like a stuffed animal and have the ability to keep your baby's hands warm and occupied during feeding time.

Not every parent heats up their child's bottle and the chilly outside can be cold on their little fingers. I've realized that not only are bottle pets adorable and a BIG hit with the babies but they can actually help your child learn to hold their bottle faster. The feet of the animal give your baby something to hold on to instead of the slick bottle. 

Baby Dom
I believe that having the bottle pet may even help give the kids something to hold onto once it's time to take the bottle away... it can be a tough time when your child gets too old for the bottle. It's their comfort tool when they sleep, Bottle Pets can help! They may no longer have the bottle but they can keep the pet and still have the comfort of their favorite soft toy.

Speaking of soft... I couldn't wait to receive Sammy the Bulldog in the mail, I wanted to hold him! He looked so fuzzy and cute on their website and I wasn't one bit disappointed once I finally received my new Bottle Pet. They're as soft as can be and the perfect size for any bottle. They are big enough for the regular size bottles and tight enough for the smaller bottles to fit well also.

Don't have a baby?

No worries.. Bottle Pets work great on Water bottles too!!!

My daughters LOVE playing with Sammy the Bulldog! He holds their water bottle while keeping their hands warm and their water cold! You should of heard all the giggles when I slid their water bottle up into Sammy... They played for hours!! Sammy had a busy day and went on lots of fun adventures!

Not feeling Sammy the Bulldog?

That's okay - Bottle Pet has many options to chose from:
  • Riley the Bunny
  • Drew the Ladybug
  • Dylan the Octopus
  • Bailey the Cow
  • Charlie the Dinosaur
  • Sammy the Bulldog
One of the best parts about Bottle Pets is that they are machine washable!!!

They're simply wonderful!
Bottle Pets make unique baby-shower gifts and truly have no age limit. (Unlike other baby toys & bottle covers)

I recommend Bottle Pets to families of all sizes and ages! Kids love the cute animals and babies can't get enough of their cuddly bottle covers. 

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  1. What a cute idea! And they have a ladybug? I'll have to check this out for my youngest!

    1. I bet Miss Ladybug would LOVE a Ladybug cover for her water bottle! :)

  2. That's so cute! Wish they had these for sippy cups!

    1. That would be wonderful! Maybe we could suggest it, it couldn't hurt to try, right? :)

  3. I wanted to come back to tell you that we got Drew the Ladybug and Drew is a HUGE hit in our house!

    1. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know :) I just knew your little girls would love Drew :) I'm happy to see that your family is enjoying your Bottle Pet :) Drew made it to a good home!!!!


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