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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mermaids and Faeries -- Fact or Fable?

Warning -- This post is full of strong opinions that may be very different than your own. All opinions are my own, I was NOT influenced by anything or anyone. I am not trying to disrespect anyone or their beliefs. I'm just simply stating my opinions on the topics below.

Have you ever wondered how we became the way we are?

  • Why is our skin smooth?
  • Why do we only have hair growing on certain parts of our bodies?
  • Why is there a type of webbing between our fingers and toes... Some more than others?
  • How can some people be GREAT tree climbers and others can't even make it off the ground?
  • What about all those wonderful swimmers we have and then there are the people who swim like a rock...
  • Did we slowly transform into the people we are today from Apes?
  • Did some of those apes go into the water and turn into what we know today as Mermaids?
I wasn't able to watch the Animal Planet movie that was on TV this past Sunday, I completely forgot that it was on TV but I was able to watch the first documentary that came out before Sunday's viewing - Mermaids: The Body Found. (I found it on YouTube, it's in different parts but I was able to find a playlist that had the whole movie in order so all I had to do was sit back and watch.) If you would like to view Mermaids: The Body Found, the links you will find in this post are to the playlist that I was able to find on YouTube. I want to warn you that there are 9 parts and all together they last over an hour. But if you are into Mermaids or Science, then you won't be disappointed.

In the documentary mentioned above, they gave lots of very convincing facts and points that have me even more convinced that mermaids are real. I have always been a believer of faeries, hobs, mermaids and even other realms full of people and creatures that we have no idea even exist. The documentary also mentions that the government is covering alot of things up and hiding things from us. Why does everyone think that the government is so honest? Why do we believe everything they say when in all realization... they are normal people just like you and I. We all lie every now and then and if we find something really awesome and don't want other people knowing about it... We'll hide it with all of our might! Why wouldn't the government do the same? Why do we depend on them for our facts? The Navy, and everyone else have said that "No humanoid body has been found and there is no such thing as mermaids and faeries" not in those exact words but the point is, If they say those creatures don't exist then they are Facts and we should believe them and disregard everything the scientists' discovered and had files on... until they were "stolen and destroyed" by the Navy and other government officials. (as mentioned in the documentary -- Mermaids: The Body Found)
Edmund Dulac: The Tempest Elves and Fairies

Many believe that the stories of these unknown beings are myths. But if they are in fact fake then why has they're been many stories from people all over the world, who have had no contact with each other, all talking and drawing about the same beings?! Something in the water that is half human and half fish, tiny people who live in caves and in the forests and hills of MANY different lands on this earth.

People have been mentioning mermaids and faeries in their writings and drawings since the beginning of time!
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Chaucer (1342-1400)
Just a couple examples.

You can do an internet search and find MANY photos and articles about the mythic beings that have been talked about for ever! They're has been draws found on the walls of caves, crumbling transcripts full of stories and drawings of mermaids and the fae, along with many more animals and creatures; some identified and some not.

Who says that all of this is fake?

Because there is no proof of a living mermaid or a faerie or a tiny human that lives in underground caves and call themselves hobs.... They do not exist! We have continuously been discovering new species of animals, insects and marine life throughout many years, up to this year! If a giant squid can stay hidden in the ocean for millions of years, why can't mermaids? If there are many different types of animals then how can humans be the only mammal that is smart enough to walk upright and live the way we do? I personal believe that there are other "people" that are just as smart as humans, maybe a bit smarter, that know how to live off the land, make weapons and who have big brains that can do wonderful things, like ours can. We are not superior to all these creatures. What makes us so special?

Since we have no living proof that mermaids and faeries exist.... many say that we are to believe that they are Fake -- Just stories that people made up for entertainment or crazy people seeing things that were not really there. (It's said that the sailors who saw mermaids were mistaking manatees for mermaids because they were in the sun for too long, making them delirious. I don't know about you but I believe I can tell the difference from a BIG manatee from a half woman/half fish, really hot and tired or not!)

We are all to believe that when we die, our souls go to Heaven and we meet our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Not to be controversial and start arguments but... Where is our proof? The Bible. Written words found many years ago. 

What I'm trying to say is that no one really knows what's out there. No one really knows if we came from apes, turned to mermaids, ended up humans, or if was it something else that brought us here completely  No one knows because we wasn't alive back then and couldn't see it with our own eyes. It's all just a "he say - she say" ordeal and it has been known to make alot of people mad at each other. I do NOT want to make anyone mad. I just have a very strong opinion about some things. If I sit and truly think something out and break it down in my head.... I end up thinking too hard and can get into a debate with my fiance.

If you would like more information about mermaids and other myths that the government have "addressed", I have posted the links below for future reference for myself and anyone who would like to further investigate. These are only 2 out of MANY articles that you can find on the web about myths and mermaids:

Do you believe in Mermaids and Faeries?

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed above are my own and may/will differ from your own. I have been influenced by no one and/or anything. I understand that some opinions mentioned above could be taken wrong and I am responsible for everything I have said. I am NOT meaning to disrespect anyone else, their beliefs or way of life, I am simply voicing my personal opinions and thoughts.
Yes, I believe in God.
(The photos have been stored on my computer for many years and I have no idea of their origin)

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