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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sophia Grace and Rosie

*Rising Stars*

Have you heard about Sophia Grace and Rosie? Those 2 adorable little girls who started singing on The Ellen Show and have became the cutest little sprouts in Hollywood!! Sophia Grace is not shy at all and seems to really open up when she has a mic in her hands! I love it! I found them on YouTube a while back and watched them almost every night but I just recently picked back up on seeing what they were into and found some ADORABLE new videos that I had never seen before! These girls sing everything from "Super Bass" to "I knew you were Trouble" to "Thrift Shop"!!!! You GOT to watch some of their videos!

Those little girls remind me so much of my daughters. They both like to sing and dance but my blondie is the one who likes to sing for the camera! I'll have to upload a video or two of her singing Katy Perry and Carly Rae!

Incase you haven't seen Sophia Grace and Rosie preform.... here are a few of their videos from The Ellen Show

'Super Bass' with Nicki Minaj

'Thrift Shop'

'I Knew You Were Trouble'

Aren't they adorable??
Those girls are going to be stars!!!

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