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Friday, May 10, 2013

Family Night at Enka Middle School - Our Experience

I have to say that yesterday at Enka Middle School, was pretty fun!
Our daughters loved being able to play and paint and the food was pretty good as well.
I was very surprised at what all was going on at the middle school last night.

First off, my girls ran straight toward the face-painting. They became shy for about 2 minutes when they couldn't decided who was going first but it quickly left when Loran sat down and started getting her face painted like a cat. (she wanted a cheetah but we settled on a cat face). Jade got a butterfly painted on her cheek.

Next we moved on to the arts and crafts station. My daughters wanted to paint a "brick". The brick was actually a small block of wood that the girls was able to paint with any design. They sat so quietly and painted. Jade painted her whole block while Loran only painted one side of hers and took her time.

Since we was being offered free food.... How could we turn it down?
Free supper for my family is always a plus. My fiance LOVES to eat so he was drawn to the food right off bat but I was able to hold him off for a few minutes while the girls got painted and then done some painting themselves.
The food was pretty good. They had hamburgers and hot-dogs with water and Lemonade to drink. Alan even tried a Vegan Burger and enjoyed it more than we thought he was going to!

After the food, they raffled off a few things including School Clothing and a YMCA Family membership! We didn't win anything but I loved watching the little boy walk up to claim his YMCA Family membership! He was excited and had to of still been in Elementary school.

They also had Hula Hoops, Chalk and a Dress up Booth (We didn't see this booth until the end, I bet my girls would of LOVED to dress up silly). Loran and Jade had a blast playing with the hula hoops. Loran has been practicing with different amounts of hula hoops for a while now and she's almost mastered 3. She tried 4 last night and had them all going for a few minutes before they started falling! She's getting good!! Jade is still learning but she can spin a hula hoop on her left arm better than any other 5 year old that I've seen! (Jade is left-handed)

Enka Middle School is trying to bring family fun back into our town. They are wanting the Middle School to be a community place where the town can meet and mingle. A Community Garden has been started and a few upgrades has been made to the school. They have even been offering Cooking Classes and such to families through out the after school and weekend hours.
Also at the Enka Middle School Community Fair was lots of business with tables set up with information about what they can do for our family this summer. YMCA and Asheville Hockey are among the few that were there.

Getting ready for the raffle!
I was going to try and talk to the lady who is in-charge of all the work and entertainment at Enka Middle School last night but she was a very popular woman and I didn't get the chance to talk with her. I'm hoping that I will get the chance at the next Family Night gathering. (I try and let you all know about the next even in advance.) 

Painting their "Bricks"

Chalk!!! Look at all the Enka pride!

Loran hula-hooping with 3 hoops!!

All in all, we had a blast! It was nice to be able to spend some family time together and enjoy a nice night in my hometown. I went to Enka Middle School when I was a child and my little brothers go there now. I'm very happy knowing that the school and community are working to make Enka Middle School a better place and bringing people together. I'm hoping to be available for the next Family Night as well!!

The above information and opinions are all my own. I was not asked to write this post nor was I compensated in any way. This blog and myself is in no way associated with Enka Middle School. All photos belong to My Kind Of Introduction and cannot be used in any way without written permission from Autumn Banks, Owner of My Kind Of Introduction and the Photographer of all above photos.

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