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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Childhood Memories - #CHALLENGETOWRITE

My Favorite Childhood Memories

Summer will be here soon and I can't wait! I LOVE Spring but I'm not a big fan of the chilly days where the wind makes me go grab a jacket.

I'm hoping that we will be able to go on a vacation this summer so I can get out of Asheville! I need a break for a week or two, I'll even be okay with a weekend out of town.

I remember when I was little that we would go to Lake James every summer for a few weeks. Some friends of the family would drive down a week before and clear up the area under a big bridge that we use to always camp at. It would get so grew up over the off season that without the clean-up, it wouldn't be clear enough for us to camp. We would have a big group of people camping under the bridge and was able to play in the water for as long as we wanted! I remember spending the whole day swimming in the lake until it got dark, then we would ride the boat to the other side of the lake to dance the night away to one of our friends' band. He would leave our camp early at night to go set up for his show and we would meet his there a couple hours later. It was wonderful! I remember my step-brother getting stung on the lip by a bee that was hiding in his drink can... He looked like Bubba from Forest Gump... He hated me making fun of him but I couldn't help it! haha

I want my daughters to have fun summer memories. I only have a few childhood memories that I can truly remember but I'm hoping that I can gain many more as an adult. My daughters deserve it.... even though they get introuble alot... they still deserve to have fun! 

I want to take them fishing soon. I use to go fishing with my daddy-paw ALL the time! He would take my aunt and I to our Paws house and we would go fishing for HUGE gold fish in the creek. It was so fun and I loved all the time I got to spend with my awesome daddy-paw! My daughters have only been fishing a couple times and only one of those times was with my daddy-paw. Maybe this summer I can try and get everyone together and go on a family fishing trip so my daughters and spend time with my daddy-paw and their cousins that we don't see very often.

Below are some photos of Loran and Jade on a fishing trip they took with their daddy and a family friend a couple years ago.

I love how they're barley holding the tiny fish tails!! haha

The one thing I'm not looking forward to once Summer gets here is not having the daily week-day baby sitter for my kids called School :-)

Don't get me wrong, I love having my kids home with me but I don't have anyone to watch my kids if I have something important to do. School is my only ME time..... That's one of the reasons that I stay up late at night... It's quiet and no one yelling "MOMMY!"

I wonder how much Summer Camp is..... :-)


  1. OMG, I lived in Brevard for 24 years and I know Lake James by heart. We would stay all day and it was wonderful memories made with my kids.

  2. I love going fishing and being around nature. I find it to be very comforting.

  3. Our family loves outdoor activities and camping! Happy memories....


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