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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Make your own Silly Mustache

- DIY Silly Mustaches -

For some really odd and kind of cool reason, Mustaches are extremely popular these days.
But I'm not talking about the ones on your face... well... Not really...
(Even though I saw a really cool handlebar mustache on a guy a few weeks ago... I couldn't help but stair, it made it even funnier that it was a husband to the girl babysitting a kid my daughters use to play with)

Fake Mustaches hit the fashion world at full speed and are now the coolest thing since the Polka Dot Bikini!
You can find them on shirts, ties, baby attire (I saw the coolest paci that was clear with a big plastic, brown mustache on it!! haha Coolest baby EVER!)

My daughters and I felt left out of the newest trend and decided to join in....

I make 3 mustaches but by the time I was ready to take pictures of them, the girls had lost theirs.
This is my mustache :-)

What do you think??

Loran and I with our Mustaches

Jade and I with our mustaches

The mustaches are very easy to make.
To make your own, follow the few easy directions below!

All I used was Black Paper, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Tape and a Pencil

Draw a mustache on a piece of black or brown paper.
Cut out your mustache(s)
Cut a Pipe Cleaner in half and tape to the back of your mustache (The side of your pencil markings)
You can tape it in the center like I did or on the side.
Since I used a pipe cleaner, I was later able to bed the pipe cleaner to the side so the handle didn't cover up our mouths.

My Best Friend, Dustin, playing with the mustache after I bent the pipe cleaner to the side.

We have had lots of fun with our mustaches and I'm sure you will too.
Get silly and have some fun!

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