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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chopped - TV Review

My fiance and I have been watching alot of Chopped lately and I have finally decided that I am ready to do my own little review.

I have to say that those baskets of food would throw me off my game every time! One single expensive Truffle? Chocolate Lips, Duck Hearts and all that other odd food that they throw in those baskets are insane! 
I've seen ingredients that not only have I NEVER heard of but some of them I can't pronounce! I'm not a big cooker so I would never apply to be a part of the show but I love watching it. I enjoy seeing what these awesome cooks can come up with when they get odd ingredients thrown at them. My fiance don't think that the contestants have enough time to truly plan and cook a good meal in the amount of time given in each round. I would have trouble but that's the challenge of the game right? See if you can beat the clock and serve up a delicious plate of food each time? 

Chopped really knows how to throw in some great learning tips that us at home can use with our meals. I also like how the judges are always honest... if they think your food tasted like crap... Your going to get told that your food taste like crap! Blunt and honest! The perfect way to judge any contest. Chopped really knows how to find some great chefs and I LOVE the episodes where home-cooks are competing for the $10,000! I'm sure those people need it more than the pro chefs do. I also really enjoyed the Chopped All Stars episodes where the contestants were Celeb Chefs and a couple were Chopped Judges! The money they won all went to charity and I can't get over how awesome that is!

My over all opinion of Chopped is that it's a wonderful show that is not only entertaining but interesting and helpful as well. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat once that time starts running out!

The timer goes off and everyone stops. The food is judged and someone is "Chopped"! The show starts with 4 contestants and ends with 1. After the first person gets sent home, the next battle begins!

Another basket is sat in-front of each contestant and once they open it, they are, once again, in for a BIG surprise  The mandatory ingredients are always pretty off the wall. Sometimes you will get a normal ingredient in the basket but I don't consider Salted Duck Egg Yokes and lamb hearts as normal.
Some of the food I can't even pronounce but I still like to see what the end product will be. Alan (my fiance) and I try and guess who gets chopped. I've been pretty good about guessing right but we all have our down moments haha

Chopped is awesome and it distracts me from my blogging often! I can have the TV off and be working hard... as soon as Alan comes home, the TV gets turned up and the distractions begin!

I have to say though
Chopped is a pretty darn good distraction!

Have you watched Chopped on Food Network?

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