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Monday, May 6, 2013

How to -- DIY Dollhouse Rugs, Bathtub and towels

Does your daughter need a new rug for her dollhouse?

Use an old sweater and cut it into the shape that you want you rug.

That's it!!

The photo above is a rug that I made for Jade's Dollhouse, I also made a tiny rug for the bathroom!

In the photo below, there is also a Bath Tub and 2 towels

The bathtub is pretty simple as well

All I did was cut a strip of cardboard and bend it into the shape of the tub.
I then used duck-tape to cover the cardboard completely.

I left the rest open because Jade and Loran wanted to put your doll in it.
The whole doll house is at their school at the moment. When it returns, I may add a blue piece of fabric to the bottom to look like water, maybe even a piece of plastic to make it shine :-)

The towels are cut from the top of an old sock that got a hole in the bottom. I had planned on using the green sock fabric for a rug but once I started cutting it, I realized that it kind of felt and looked like a towel......
The Dollhouse Towel was BORN!!

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Have you made any unique things for your kids?

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