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Sunday, May 5, 2013

#ChallengeToWrite - Stuck in an elevator with someone from History

What famous person from history would you like to be stuck in an elevator with and why…

When thinking of a famous person from history that I would like to be stuck in an elevator with, it's an easy choice... Marilyn Monroe!

I love everything about the woman she use to be. Marilyn was beautiful but didn't know just how much. All she wanted was to be loved and noone took her seriously. If I could go back in time, I would of loved to gotten the chance to meet Marilyn Monroe and let her tell me her story. You hear so many things through the many books and stories about Marilyn... It's hard to tell whats real and whats a lie sometimes. 

I've done my best throughout the years, to pick the truths from the fakes and I believe I've done pretty good but it would of been wonderful to hear of all the adventures and troubles from the lips of Marilyn herself.

What would I ask her? Oh.... ummmmm.... I'm not too sure. I have a few dull questions I could ask but I would hope that better conversation would be the result of our time in the elevator.

  • Why do you trust so easily when you've been hurt so many times?
  • What's your favorite role to play?
  • If you had the chance, would you of ever changed your name back to Norma Jean?

I know... lame....

It would be a dream come true to of had the chance to meet Marilyn Monroe. She was truly a picture perfect demonstration of beauty.
I sometimes sit and wonder that if she wouldn't of died so many years ago, Would she of ever overcome her fear of having kids and had one of her own?
I bet it would of been a beautiful little baby!
(All babies are beautiful but just think.... A baby Marilyn Monroe)

Marilyn Monroe would be 87 years old in June if she was still alive!
I have BIG plans for my Marilyn Monroe Birthday Post!!


  1. Great post! I love your questions you would ask I don't think they are lame at all. It would be interesting to find out her answers.

  2. You thought a lot about what you would say / ask her. Great!
    I too wouldn't mind hearing more about her true self.

  3. Thank you ladies, I really wish we could hear her answers..... there is so much that we will never know!


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