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Saturday, May 4, 2013

#ChallengeToWrite - Something in my house I can't live without


One thing in your house that you can’t live without, and why?

The one thing in my house that I can't live without (Other than my kids) is my computer! I know it's sad but I don't get out much and my computer is how I connect with everyone... Including family. I work on the computer as well as a bit of play. It's become a HUGE part of my life!

I've always been a computer person. I had a computer in my room as a teen and took computer classes in high-school. I use to do nothing but play the Sims games and surf the web but now that I'm an adult, the computer has many different uses for me these days.

I'm a Photographer - I use my computer to edit and store my photos. I have programs downloaded to help with the editing and I have been known to sit and edit photo's for hours!

I'm a Blogger - As you all know... I run a blog. No, you don't have to have a computer to run a blog but I prefer to have one. I don't have an iPad or a notebook and i don't like blogging on my phone but I do have 2 desktops and a small emachines laptop (It may not be a great little laptop but I only blog on it so it works for me. My daughters goto on it sometimes but not often) I am ALWAYS on my computer, I try to blog all day but I freeze up and I'm always behind a bit.

I'm a Gamer - I LOVE Games! My favorite game is for Xbox (The Fable Series) but I am a huge fan of Sims and other fun games. I play facebook games (sometimes), Games on Swag Bucks and that's pretty much it.... When I need a minute away from blogging, I play a game :-)

My computer is how I know whats going on. I don't watch much tv so if I lost my internet and computer... I would be lost for a bit until I got use to it all being gone. (I could get use to it though because I've done it before)

What's the one thing in your house that you can't live without?

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  1. I have to use my computer to blog too. I have an iPad but I use my computer for blogging, It is amazing how far technology has come over the years.

  2. I'm a computer person too. There's just a lot of fun being on it all the time. lol


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