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Friday, April 5, 2013

Get your FIRST GrooveBook COMPLETELY Free

I have ran across this WONDERFUL Photo Offer!!! 

GrooveBook is for all those pictures you take with your phone and then don't do anything with so they just sit there.


Now you can get a photobook for FREE!
All you have to do is pay $2.99 for shipping!

If you have a i-Phone or Android then GrooveBook may be just what your looking for!

I have the opportunity to give you a Code that will let you get your 1st GrooveBook COMPLETELY FREE INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!

This code can only be used one time per account.

Another awesome thing about the GroveBook Photobook is that not only to you get a beautiful keepsake photobook once a month, the photos come with a perforated edge so you can remove the photos from the book and place them in frames, on the fridge, scrapbooking and MUCH MORE!!

All you have to do it download the FREE App on your Andriod or iPhone and start the GrooveBook process. You will get to an area where you are asked to add a Coupon Code. That's where you will need to enter the code AUTUMNGROOVE to get your 1st GrooveBook for 100% FREE!!!!

I just got done ordering my GroveBook and I can't wait to get it in the mail!!


  1. Oh wow what an amazing way to try a grovebook - wonder if they do that over here as well - I shall have to pop off and have a nose about. Thank you !!

  2. That is so neat! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Your very welcome ladies! I hope they have GrooveBook in Europe so you can enjoy this great offer aswell Sarah! :-)


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