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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make a Valentine's Bookmark ~ Kids Craft

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DIY Valentine's Day Bookmark ~ For the Kiddo's!

Valentine's Day is just 9 days away and soon kids will be taking all their little friends Valentines to school. Why not mix things up this year? Instead of buying Valentines this year, why not make them? I have a few projects for Valentine's Day, you can find them at the bottom of this post. How about Valentine's Day Bookmarks? They're easy enough that your kids could make them for their classmates as Valentines! You can even add a photo to them!

All you need is:
An empty cereal/gummy box
2 Colors of Construction Paper (We used red and pink)
Small Photo (optional) 

*Crafty Tip* ~ If you have old bookmarks laying around the house, you can use those instead of the box but you will still need the cardboard for the heart.

Cut a rectangle in the size that you want. (I used a credit card to measure the width and left the length as the size of a normal sized gummy box - 5 1/2 to 6in is a good bookmark size) 

Cut a Heart shape that is a little bit bigger than the width of your bookmark. 
Trace your bookmark shape onto the color of paper you chose. If your bookmark has writing or pictures on both sides and you don't want those pictures to be a part of your finished bookmark then trace the bookmark twice, side by side. Make sure you have a double bookmark drawn onto your paper (Like the photo)

 Trace your heart onto the color of  Paper you chose. It's best to trace it twice. One on each side (trace once, flip it and trace again) so that your colored paper will fit perfectly on both sides of your heart. 
Glue the paper to your templates. Make sure that if you doubled your bookmark color then you need to fold on the center line and glue the bookmark in between the fold to cover the whole rectangle. 

 Glue your heart to the top of your bookmark.

 You can leave it the way it is now and be finished or you can decorate it.
 If you would like to add a photo then all you have to do is cut a small rectangle that covers your photo and fits on your bookmark. 
Cut a small square in the center of your  rectangle and place it over your photo. (You just made a frame)

Glue the photo to your bookmark (acid-free glue works best with pictures) 
Once your photo is glued down, glue the 'frame' over your picture and your DONE!! 
This craft takes all of about 10 or 15 minutes and it helps get kids wanting to read so they can use their new bookmark!  

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