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Friday, February 8, 2013

Attention Bloggers......FREE Blogger Opp!

FREE Blogger Opportunity


Hey ladies , Michelle here from Sparkle me Pink. I am putting together a Knot Genie Brush Giveaway and would like to have a few bloggers on my rafflecopter. One to help me promote the giveaway and two it gives your readers a chance to win something awesome :-) 

Please email me if you have any questions- - this is my first time hosting my own giveaway.  I have the product in hand already, just need to type up my review of it (it works amazingly) and add in the giveaway. 

The brush was sent to me (one to review one to giveaway) so it is FREE* to have either your Facebook link or Twitter link on the rafflecopter. 

Is there anything else I am forgetting to mention or ask you guys ? 

To be included please fill out the Google doc below with your name , blog name, email and either your one FREE* Facebook link or Twitter link that you want on the rafflecopter. If you would both or would like to host the rafflecopter on your page (this will get you comments on your own page) let me know. I will need to pay the shipping cost of sending the brush to the winner so any payments for extra links/hosting would go towards that.

*If you are participating in the FREE one link, I ask that you post the giveaway announcement (when the actual giveaway goes live) on your blog. I will email you the 'html' that you will post.

Thank you and Happy Sparkling! 

This is the announcement link. Please share the love <3 .

**This giveaway applies only to those in the Continental United States 

 - Recruiting blogs will end on 2/14/13 -- Giveaway begin and will run 2/15/13 to 3/1/13 -

- -

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