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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Noxicare - My New Favorite Pain Relief Cream

Noxicare is a natural pain relief cream that is specially made for all sorts of pain including join, nerve and muscle pain. It's an odorless, bright yellow cream that leaves no greasy residue and starts acting fast!

(The background is the back of my new Noxicare shirt!)

I have to say that I wasn't sure what to expect when I received my tube of Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream in the mail. I'd never used it before but I was willing to try anything to make my upper back pain go away, or at least ease off a little bit. The pain has gotten so bad that it starts to get numb sometimes. I know it has alot to do with me being on the computer alot but posts don't get done on their own.
Once my back started hurting after I received my Noxicare cream, I went straight to the package without hesitation. When I opened the box I was surprised to see that not only did I get a tube of Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream but I also got a Noxicare T-Shirt! The perfect jammie shirt!!

Since my pain is mainly on my upper back and shoulders, I had my fiance put the cream on. I love the yellow color of the cream, I expected it to be white and I like the change. Not long after my fiance put the cream on my back, I could feel the pain easing off little by little. Next thing I knew the pain was gone! I didn't start feeling any pain again until I was heading to bed, so I rubbed a little bit more on (the best as I could since my fiance was already asleep) and the dosed to sleep.

It's been over 24 hours later and I haven't had any major pain. I've been expecting it off and on all day and I'm very happy to say that Noxicare has taken it away! I feel a tiny bit of tingling in one spot but nothing like what I was feeling before I discovered Noxicare! This natural pain relief cream is awesome!!

If you would like to learn more about Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream:
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