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Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Story

I have to say that I have had better days than yesterday. Yes, it was Valentine's Day and it was mandatory for my fiance to work at both his jobs. Needless to say, he was gone all day. But that's not even the half of my Not-So-Good-Day. I babysit a 3yr old little boy and he has to be the easiest child to watch. He plays in one spot and barley gets into anything. Normally his mama brings him to my house around 6:30am, my daughters get on the bus around 7:25am so they are asleep when he gets here, most of the time. Yesterday I had plans to take my daughters to school. Since it was Valentine's Day, my girls had goodies to bring to school and I couldn't risk sending them on the bus with the food... I'm a bit smarter than that. At my daughters' elementary school, the kids have to be in their classroom by 7:45 or they are counted as being late. Well I woke up yesterday morning by my alarms instead of a phone call or a knock at my door. I woke my girls up and they got dressed while I got in-touch with Kayden's mom. She had over slept and my text was what woke her up. I wasn't going to be able to take my girls to school as planned. Since Jade had strawberries and blue berries and Loran had 2 big bags of chips to take to school for their Valentine's Day snack, someone had to take those girls to school. I ended up having to wake up my fiance as the bus stopped at my house to pick up all the other kids who live in my neighborhood. He drove the girls to school and their snacks got there safely. Kayden and his mom showed up not long after Alan left with our girls. He was still half asleep and ended up falling back asleep on my couch before my fiance made it back to the house. I didn't sleep good the night before so I had some posts scheduled to go live so I decided to go get my pillows and lay on the couch with Kayden and watch some TV and maybe squeeze in a nap while he was still sleeping..... That didn't happen. Long story short..... my fiance ended up on the couch while I jumped on the computer to a little bloggin. I did squeeze a little nap in but after my fiance headed off to work I had to deal with a repair man, who works for my landlord, because my hot water don't work in my bathtub and shower. He didn't fix it so my landlord and his wife decided to come look at it and we almost got into an argument so I was stressed the rest of the day. Not to mention that bedtime is always a hectic time in my household! The best part of my Valentine's Day was seeing my girls sleeping away with their new Valentine's Sock Monkey's!!
My day might of been hectic but I love my little girls!

Did you Valentine's Day go as planned?
I would love to hear some of your stories!

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