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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Wonderful Faerie Book for Young Girls - A Fairy Ballet

"A Fairy Ballet"
by Daisy Meadows

If you have or know a little girl who loves faeries, then the book 'A Fairy Ballet' will for sure put a smile on her face.

The story is about a group of faerie sisters that get invited to a special party by The Fairy God-Mother. All the guests that attend the party are requested to bring a gift for the royals.... A performance for the King and Queen. Each performance has to be a "Gift straight from the Heart"
The 7 best-friends are very excited to be invited to the party but they have trouble figuring out what they want to preform. After lots of thinking, they decide to have a ballet where each faerie comes up with a dance with pin-points on their talent and what they love. Then they come together at the end to compete the ballet with a group dance.
One of the faeries gets nervous and continues to mess up during practice, She's afraid that she will mess up in-front of the King and Queen. Her sisters comfort her by reminding her that if she dances from her heart that she won't notice all the people and won't be nervous anymore.
In the end, the ballet is a hit and everyone claps and cheers.

Thru My Eyes ~ The moral of the story is that it doesn't matter how much something cost or how big or small it is......
If it comes from the heart... It's Something Special!

I bought the book,  'A Fairy Ballet' from a Scholastic Book Order from my daughters' school and I couldn't of made a better choice!
My daughters love faeries and this book is one of their favorites. I like how it helps them understand that nothing is perfect but as long as you have your family and friends...
You can do anything you put your heart into!

I recommend this book to any parent or grand-parent who is looking for a special story to read to that special little faerie lover in your life! 

I got the opportunity to write this review after I purchased the book mentioned above from Scholastic. This review is influenced by no other than myself at My Kind Of Introduction. I received no compensation for this post.

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