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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Taste on ABC - Can you Master the Art of the Sandwich?

Who's ready for some more of The Taste?!

~My thoughts on Week 5 of 'The Taste'~

Last weeks episode of 'The Taste' was all about Sandwiches.

If you can't make a good sandwich... How can you be a good chef?
If you missed last weeks episode you can catch it HERE.

Anthony Bourdain was the only one who still had a full team of 4 chefs while Nigella Lawson had 2 remaining cooks and the remaining 2 chefs Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey had 3 chefs left on their team. At the end of the show, 2 more cooks would be eliminated.

I love the way that Malarkey jokes and dances around his kitchen. He's very fun to watch and his cooks are pretty good in the kitchen. My favorite contestant off his team has to be Chef Khristianne. I like her attitude she seems to cook things that I would actually eat (I'm somewhat of a picky eater). Her chicken curry sandwich sounded and looked so yummy that I wanted to reach into my TV and take a bite! To bad I couldn't because I would skip dinner every Tuesday just so I could taste test all the food before the judges got a chance!! WOULDN'T YOU??

I love Ludo's accent but he seems to be a bit of a butt. He has a few funny moments but during the Team Challenge he could of been a bit nicer to Paul and actually let him do the dish he wanted to make. I thought the turkey sounded like a great idea but it seems like Ludo had other plans. Isn't the contestants in control of their fate? How are they suppose to win if their team leader won't let them make the food that they want to make? And of course the sandwich that is chosen to go up after the 1st challenge was Gregg's........ Noone wants to hear his arrogance. He's a good cook but would be more likeable if he would calm his "I'm good and I know it" attitude. It's just not a good look on him and EVERYONE is noticing it.

I didn't know much about Nigella before I started watching 'The Taste' but I believe she may be my favorite chef on the show. She actually has a heart and shows compassion to her team. Lauren is my favorite contestant on the show.She's a home-cook who lives in a trailor and that relates to so many of the viewer of The Taste. Not everyone is able to cook in a fancy kitchen and it's nice to see an everyday girl getting the chance of a lifetime! Seeing Lauren on The taste warms my heart and I hope she makes it to the end. I'll be rooting for her every Tuesday!

Anthony's team is really confident and they should be. Noone has been sent home off his team yet but his time is coming... sooner than later. One of my least favorite contestants is Diane from Team Bourdain. She's too confident and comes off a bit rude at times. I don't really know what else it is about her but she's just not one of my favorite people to watch. I will admit that she can cook and her sandwich looked good enough that I would of grabbed me a bite of her food through my TV as well, if I could. Anthony's team also likes to drink a beer while they cook..... Is that safe?

Noone is happy when Gregg, from Team Ludo, gets immunity after the Team Challenge. He already won a team challenge before, someone else could of got it but I guess it's the taste of the food that matters.

At the end of the Solo Taste Challenge, I was looking forward to seeing what the judges, the Pro-Chefs, were going to say about Chef Sarah's taco style sandwich. Guests Judges Rich Torrsi and Mario Carbone wasn't sure if a taco was a sandwich but what do you call a wrap? I worked at Blimpie's Subs and Salads for 3 years and made wraps all the time! Just because Sara didn't roll it up like a wrap or use bread, don't mean that she didn't make a sandwich. I thought Adam's pork sandwich was going to be more popular with the judges than it was. But I got a big smile on my face when I saw the reaction they had when they tasted Greggs sandwich.... Was it even a sandwich? The look on Nigella's face when she put the bite in her mouth was priceless! Gregg's ego got stomped! Yes Gregg, if you wouldn't of had immunity, I believe you would of went home last week. Maybe we'll have better luck this week.

After Ludo and Malarkey get done bickering back and forth they finally decide their choices for best and worse sandwiches. I was happy to see that both Diane and Gregg got Red Stars and Lauren with a Gold Star.

Over all, it was a good show and I was very sad to see Huda go home but Mia got an attitude with Nigella about burnt bread so I think she deserved to go home. I can deal with Diane for another week. I just hope Lauren can hang in there and stand strong alone and WIN THIS COMPETITION!

This weeks episode looks interesting. I'm a bit grossed out by all the nasty gut looking things that I saw but I'm willing to see what the chefs come up with. Who knows... It might taste good. Lets hope the judges think so!

Make sure you catch The Taste on ABC this Tuesdays at their new time at 9|8c

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