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Monday, February 18, 2013

Naturally Brew Coffee with the Ekobrew Giveaway!

No more filling up your trash cans with those tiny little coffee brew cups or messy coffee filters!
There is now a better and natural way to make coffee!
Read below to see how the ekobrew can make your morning more natural!

This review and giveaway is hosted by The Momma And Boys!

I have to say, I love Ekobrew!  I'm always looking for ways to save the environment and with the ekobrew, it really helps. 

With my Keurig I was always having to purchase the K-cups or the filters to fill them myself and it bothered me how much waste I was making for the environment.  Now with the Ekobrew I am able to just wash them out and refill them after every use.

As you see, the EckoBrew fits perfect into your keurig. It's as well easy to clean too. With the EkoBrew you will save, go green, and choose your favorite coffee to brew! 

Disclaimer: The Momma And Boys has received the product as a gift to do a review and giveaway and all opinions are from The Momma And Boys! The Momma And Boys and My Kind Of Introduction is not responsible for shipping of the product.

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