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Monday, February 11, 2013

9 Year Old Girl Gives Birth!

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I am at a loss of words! I just read a story that not only breaks my heart but opens my eyes to the crazy world we live in. I'm a mother and I got prenagnt early in life but I couldn't imagine what this young girl is going through.

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A 9 year old little girl from Mexico, gave birth to a baby girl on January 27th, at Hospital General de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico! That's right, 9 yrs old! The young girl is known as Dafne and is said to not of known about her pregnancy until she was 7 months along! Where were the parents, you may ask.... Well Dafne lives in a small town called Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, which is described as "a poverty-stricken neighborhood 25 miles south of Guadalajara." Dafne is one of 11 children and it is said that her parents were always working and gone and noone kept an eye on Dafne like you would any other 8 year old girl. Noone realized what was going to happen when Dafne went into labor. Due to her small form and body, she was not able to naturally have the child, a c-section was done. It is said that Dafne and her newborn daughter are home and doing well. The father of the baby has not been confirmed but Dafne has said it was her 17 year old boyfriend. They had a sexual relationship and once they found out she was pregnant, he asked her to move in with him and they would raise the baby together but she refused and it is said they he left town. He has not been located yet.

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I couldn't imagine having a baby at 9 years old, I was 18 and that was young enough! That little girl was only 8 when she got pregnant! My daughters are 5 and 6.... less than 5 years younger than this little girl and I would NEVER let my kids be in that situation! Dafne had no clue what she was getting herself into and now she has lost her whole childhood! I feel for her and her family! It's so sad.

What do you think about this insane story?!

Hospital General de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico

My Source for this information is Parent Society

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