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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Simple Act of Kindness - A gift from Someone Special

A couple weeks ago my family received a very special package. It was pretty and pink and covered in flowers. Inside the package was 3 Valentine Candy tubes full of M&M's, a greeting card, a check for $15 along with a gift card to Crackle Barrel! Reading the words inside the card brought tears to our eyes. My fiance's cousin had decided to do 'Simple Acts of Kindness' to teach her kids that if you do nice things for someone and help people out then good things will come to you. I think it is a very sweet thing to do and I'm sure her kids are going to learn alot by helping out their family and friends. My family appreciates the sweet gift from some special people!

My daughters ate their M&M's quick and I put up their brother's candy so he can have it when he comes back over. We decided to have a Family Day Out. We took our gift card and headed out to Crackle Barrel! I don't believe that my daughters have ever been to Crackle Barrel, not that I can remember anyways. They LOVED the peg game that was on the table!

After we ate our food we bought some candy in the little store and went to sit in the rocking chairs for a few minutes. Loran and Jade really enjoyed the big checkers. 

We had a wonderful family day and we own it all to that special family who just wanted to do something good for someone else! Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of our family!

Here are a few of the photo's that I took on out Family day out.

Thank you CH!
We love you bunches!

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