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Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Pirate Valentines for Kids

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The count down to Valentine's Day has started in my house. My little girls are ready to bring Valentine's to all their little school friends. 5 More Days! On February 14, my youngest daughter, Jade, has to dress fancy and wear her best dress for 'Ladies and Gents Day'. The teachers are going to teach the kids manners. My oldest, Loran, did 'Ladies and Gents Day' last year when she was in Kindergarten and I think it's simply adorable :-)

I have another Valentine Card Craft for your kiddo's! This one is for the Pirate Lovers!!

While searching the web a few weeks ago I ran across a blog that had a printable template for these Pirate Valentines but my printer is out of ink so I couldn't print anything out.
Here's the original post and the photo below 

So I tried my luck at free-hand drawing the little pirates! Mine didn't turn out just like the original, I left some stuff out and did things my way but I love the way they cam out!
Here is what I came up with and How I did it

What you will need
Card-stock or Old Valentines
Small Heart Sticker or Small Fabric Heart
White Paper optional

Cut out a square or rectangle out of cardstock in the size and shape you want your valentine.
I used old Valentine's from last year traced them on plain white paper. If your using cardstock you don't need to trace onto more paper. (I traced them twice because my paper was thin and I didn't want to see the design on the card through the paper)

Since I used thin paper, I glued one layer of paper to my valentine, you may skip that step.
Draw a 1/2 circle like the photo below

Add Hair, I did pigtails like the original

Finish the top of the circle for the Bandana

Draw on the bandana (or Pirate hat if your making a boy). Add a face and decorate.

I used markers to color in a little bit on the pirates and wrote a pirate saying at the bottom.

You can either cut out a heart out of fabric or use a heart sticker that is bigger than the eye you drew. Stick or glue the heart over one eye and use a colored pen to draw the strings.

Here are my Pirate Kid Valentines! Aren't they cute?!
I'm very happy with hoy they came out and so are my girls!!

Have fun making your own Pirate Valentine's!

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