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Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting ready for Valentine's Day!

 Do you have Love on the brain?

Valentine's Day is just over a month away... 34 days to be exact. Some stores are already putting out the pretty little Valentines cards with cartoon designs and brightly printed hearts! I realize that some of the store bought Valentines can be cheap and cute but when it really comes down to it, kids always seem to want the box of Valentines that cost the most and depending on how many kids are in your child's classroom... you may have to buy more than one box. As a mom, I know that we could have lots more fun making our own Valentines at home!! Even Teacher Valentines can be made at home and come from the heart instead of from a box. Fun and Creative plus it's cheap!! IT'S A HOME RUN! 

Where do you put all those valentine's after you get done making them? In the Valentine Mailbox, of course! Alot of elementary teachers make mailboxes with their students around Valentine's Day so the kids can collect their Valentines but why not have a Mailbox at home to collect your Valentines aswell? You can truly use anything to make a cute Valentine's Mailbox with your kiddo's. Including milk jugs, boxes, buckets and more! I've found so many really neat ideas through out the web and I have a few that I came up with myself that will turn any normal Valentines day into a day of Fun, Love and with the right person... maybe a little Romance.

Throughout the next month I will be sharing all the valentine fun that I've found and came up with. I'm a mom on a budget so nothing will Over The Top on cost, but I promise it will be Over The Top in many more ways! From crafty Valentine Cards to yummy Valentine Treats! I'll be sharing ideas from lots of other wonderful blogs so you won't just be getting new ideas, you will also get the chance to check out the designs on other crafty moms around the world including some from Danielle's Place, Mom On Timeout! Make sure you check back and see what new valentines ideas I  have to share!

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