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Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Carry-Along Toy Road in a Pocket

This is a simple toy that can be taken along on vacation/trips, to friends house's, appointments, etc. It's also very easy to make. Little Boys will love it and Girls will like it also!!

1. Cut out road patterns to use on the fabric. (I made the roads about 2 1/2 inches wide but you can go smaller or larger. It's the perfect size for 2 cars side by side.)

2. Cut off 1 leg of a pair of jeans. (I got 6 road pieces out of one leg)

3. Lay out the patterns on the fabric, try and cut the pieces as close together as you can so you can get more out of the space.

4. Trace the patterns onto the fabric, I use a regular pencil but you can use a fabric pencil if you have one.

5. Lay out our pieces to see if you have a cool road (This step is not necessary, but you know you want to!) (I did this to see if I needed any extra road pieces)

6. Paint on the Lines down the middle of the roads (I used Yellow Acrylic Paint)

7. While the paint is drying, Cut a pocket out of the same jeans. (This is going to be for storing the road when it's not being played with, It's also what makes it so great for travel!)

8. If you like, You can paint the yellow lines on the pocket to match it to the roads.

9. IT'S DONE!!!!!

10. After the paint dries, you can fold up the road pieces and fit them inside the pocket!
Just add a few cars then you and your kiddos are ready for a day with no boredom!The road pieces can be put in all different road formations! Your kids will have fun making different roads, you can also make buildings with left over jeans if you like (I didn't this time, but I may in the near future.)

I got this idea from a picture on Pinterest this past summer and had to make one for my friends little boy! (My daughters had so much fun playing with this road before I gave it to Kaden!)
I hope you enjoyed the walk through steps. Enjoy!!!!

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