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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine Bling Rings with a Kiss of Chocolate

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**DIY Valentine Bling Rings**

While scanning the web looking for Valentine's Day ideas, I ran across this really cute ring on the blog Mom On Time Out that would be super simple to make for any age! The only supplies you'll need is pipe cleaners (red and silver were used but you can use any color you like) and Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses! If anyone else makes these cute little valentine rings, please post pictures, I would love to see how these come out. My Step By Step picture instructions are below.

Items Needed:
(per ring)
2 pipe cleaners
1 Hershey Kiss

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring

Twist the pipe cleaners in to an X

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring

Place the Kiss in the middle of the X

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring

Bend up the ends on the pipe cleaners around the kiss and twist them together.
 Split and bend the 4 ends in half with 2 on each side

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring
Make a circle ring shape with the ends.
You can either twist the ends around the ring shape or twist around the top right below the kiss.
(We twisted it around the ring)

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring

My girls fell asleep before I could get a picture of them with the orange ring so I made their daddy be my hand model for the night! :-) He did so well for a first timer haha

Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring  Hershey Kiss Valentine Bling Ring

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