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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 Date Night Ideas

 Do you need Idea's for your Date Night plans?

While surfing the web, I happen to run across a post on All Things Katie Marie about date night. My fiance and I have been together for a long time, October 2 will make 9 years. Most couples plan their Valentine's Day to be a romantic fun day but not everyone has the time to plan out a big night. My fiance works 2 jobs and it just happens to be mandatory for him to be working at BOTH jobs so it was just me and my daughters this past Valentine's Day, but we had a nice little dinner a couple days after.

When I found this list, I got excited and then realized that I had mixed thoughts. There are some wonderful ideas on the list and I'm going to try them out but others just seem unreasonable for my lifestyle.
Some of the ideas are free and some will cost a bit, so pick the idea that's best for your family.
Below is the list... I also added my thoughts on some of the ideas at the bottom.

20 Date Night Ideas 

Cook something together.
Go off the grid for the weekend- no cell phones, no tv, no computers. You'll be amazed at what you do for entertainment.
Go see a movie.
Go to a restaurant you both have never been to.
Hit up BevMo's five cent wine sale and have your own wine tasting at home.
Play a board game.
Go bowling.
Have a spa night. Take a relaxing bath then follow up by taking turns giving each other massages.
Movie or TV marathon.
Play some miniature golf.
Swing some golf balls at the driving range.
Be in control and go to a shooting range. Be careful!
Put together a puzzle.
Go on a food crawl. Go to a different restaurant for an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.
Go fishing.
Test drive a car you have no intention to buy.
Pack lots of blankets and drive out in the country to look at the starts.
Snuggle up by the fire and read a book.
Give yourself an imaginary budget. Then separately go online and pick out all the things you would buy for each other with the money.
 Get active! Go on a bike ride, hike, walk, etc.

My thoughts on the Date Night List

 1. Okay so to start things off, Cooking something together - my boyfriend and I - won't work. He's the main cook around here (I know, I know, Lots of people say it... Your a stay-at-home mom, why are you not the main cook in the house... Because we do things differently! That's why, his cooking is better than mine so he cooks... The End) Every-time Alan and I try to cook together, one of ends up leaving or doing something wrong and the other is stuck finishing the meal or fixing the meal.

 2. Going off the grid is just to good to be true. All alone in a small cabin, deep into the woods with no phone signal or internet, sounds of a small river flowing close by, laying under the starts all night and watching the sun set and rise..... Ahhhhhhhh...... Sounds so peaceful and romantic..... *Snapping back to reality!!* We have kids. If I happen to find a baby-sitter (extremely rare occasion when a baby-sitter is found), I would have to give the sitter a way to get intouch with me incase of an emergency. Along with my fiance's texting addiction, he wouldn't be able to focus on anything if his phone wasn't close by. His only thoughts would be "I wonder if I have any texts?"

3. Going to the movies is a wonderful Date Night idea. If you get a couple hours without the kiddos, either call your local movie theater or go online and check the theater's site and see whats playing. You can still have your phone in case something important comes up (phone on vibrate is best). You can sit back in a dark room and hold hands with your love while watching a nice movie. It's very relaxing and I've almost feel asleep in those dark chairs. We have a theater in town that has couches! HEAVEN!

4. A restaurant that neither my boyfriend or I have been to sound promising. The only problem with this is finding a restaurant that we can afford. With 4 kids to support along with the bills.... money for dates don't even make our saving list! A cheap restaurant with some class sounds like a great idea for us!

5. BevMo's?? What and Where is that? I live in a very small town in North Carolina named Candler. We don't have any store that you can buy wine for 5 cents at. Truthfully..... I don't really have the taste for wine and neither does my other half. The only kind of wine that I found that I like isn't really a wine to me... Boones Farm. Seems more like a malt to me.

6. Alan and I have played board games in the past. Every now and then, one of us decide to pull out a game and convince the other to play a time or two. It's really fun and I love it! GREAT Idea!

7. I wouldn't go bowling with out my girls. They love going bowling and we never go. A trip to the Bowling Ally would be more of a Family Night then a Date Nite.

8. This sounds so doable! I just may have to try this out! It can even happen without a baby-sitter. Just wait until your kids goto sleep and then RELAX!

9. A Movie or TV Marathon goes on in my house often since my fiance is a TV nerd so this wouldn't be any different than any normal day.

10. Playing Minuture Golf would be another thing I would want to bring my kids along to. They would have a blast!

11. I don't golf....... and neither does my man!
12. I am NOT a fan of guns

13. To me... Puzzles can be fun at times but get boring quickly

14. Going on a food crawl would be such a fun thing to do! I believe we may do this soon!

15. My kids love fishing, I couldn't go without them.

16. I don't believe I want to spend my Valentine's Day or Date Night riding around in a car..... New or not.

17. I would LOVE to drive out to the country and look at the stars..... Oh wait.... I live in the country! :-) I may have to talk my man into taking blankets to the field across the road and watch the stars with me!

18. I don't have a fire-place so I can't snuggle up by a fire and I'm the only one who likes to read in this relationship!

19. The fake budget sounds fun but not for a Date Night

20. I would LOVE to go on a hike on a warm summer day but that will have to wait a few months for that.

So I have LOTS of thinking to do! I'm not sure what my fiance and I are going to do for Valentine's Day but I'm sure we will enjoy every bit of it.

Do you have any Date-Night ideas to add to the list?

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