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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Choose which prize you would like to see in my upcoming Contest!

Help me choose the prize for my FIRST Contest!!

  A. ~ For Bath and Beauty. - Something to help me relax after a long day.

B. ~ Something for my child. - When my kids are Happy... I am Happy!

C. ~ Fashion - Something to help keep me 'Up to Style'

D. ~ For The Home - Help make my life less stressful at home.

Why ask this question? Because real soon I'll be hosting my first contest thanks to and you will be the ones winning the prize! I would like your input on what the prize should be so I can put a smile on someone's face.
Finish the sentence above by commenting your answer below. If you like, you can also be more specific on the prize you suggested. For example : If I chose Answer B- Something for my child. I could add that I would be interested in a learning or arts and crafts style prize. 
The contests should be live in the next week or 2. I'll keep everyone updated. You never know... You may see the prize you suggested as the one up for grabs!!

(The links in the options list are Google Affiliate Ads, NOT prize selections)
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