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Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY T-Shirts and Home-Made Fabric Paint

It's time to Create Our Own Fashion!

My mama use to make shirts for me all the time when I was growing up! Sometimes she would let me help and I would make some really cool stuff!! It's time to pass on the memory! I've even found a couple fun and easy recipes for homemade fabric paint so you don't have to spend alot of $money$ to make some great fashion! The recipes are posted at the bottom
What are you waiting on? Lets Get Started!!
Lets turn a plain T-shirt into your own simple work of art.
 (You don't have to use a T-shirt, you can use any type of fabric you like. For example-> hats, pants, jackets, white shoes, shoe strings etc.)
This would also be a great idea for a project done at a Craft or Art themed Party! You can get plain shirts cheap at thrift stores or even The Dollar Store and the paint recipes below are very cheap!
First off ~~>

You will need~~>
  • A plain T-shirt (Or any other type of fabric you choose)
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Clothespins or large paper clips
  • Fabric paint or Home-made Paint (Recipes at bottom)
May we began.....
  1. Place the cardboard inside the T-shirt and Clip it in place with the clothespins or paper clips
  2. With your pencil, draw a picture on the shirt
  3. Use the fabric paint to add color to your drawing. You can simply paint over the outline or/and color it in.
If you would like, you can make a design instead of a picture.
For example, you can use shapes and lines in different colors to make a fun, modern pattern.

DIY Puffy Fabric Paint
  1. Take regular white Elmer's School Glue and put small amounts into bottles.
  2. Take different colored Kool-Aid packets and mix the powder with the glue.
  3. Make sure the colors are mixed up really good.
  4. Paint your design on fabric and let dry.

Home Made Crayon Fabric Paint
Found at Save At Home Mom

Use up your old crayon scraps!
  • Melt crayon scraps in an empty tuna or soup can over boiling water.
  • Working quickly, Paint pictures or designs on an old T-shirt or pair of pants. **Don't use on nylon fabrics!**
To make designs permanent:
  • Cover with a fabric scrap
  • Press with hot iron
I hope you have fun making T-Shirts and all kinds of wonderful crafts with your new paint and painting ideas!! HAVE FUN!!!

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  1. Can the elmers glue/food coloring be washed regularly or does it need special attention?

    1. I somehow missed this comment :( I'll look into that pain recipe and find out more information. I believe that the puffy part from the glue will wash off but the food coloring will dye the fabric

  2. Anya, elmers glue is water soluble, so I wouldn't think you could wash it, since there's nothing else added that would make it impervious to water.

    1. Thank you Lee Ann for answering her question, I somehow missed this comment :( I'll look into that pain recipe and find out more information

  3. What design is being made permanent the crayon or paint

    1. After a bit of research, I've realized that all of the recipes above can be made permanent using a fabric scrap and a iron. :)

  4. Can you use tacky glue instead of elmers?


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