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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Dolls and their Acessories

Do you have a little mama at home? Does your daughter like to play house with her baby dolls? I have 2 little girls and I believe they have more baby dolls then they do of matching socks! Everytime I turn around someone is either giving or buying my daughters a new doll. We have a daycare full of babies of all shape, color and size which is adorable when I sit back and watch the girls play. You can find so many accessories for baby dolls these days that it blows my mind!
You can find pretend and make-believe toys, including baby dolls and their accessories, at! Engage your child's imagination with this deluxe nursery center, it would make a perfect addition to any little girl's playroom. The best part is that it's easily cleaned with a wet rag!

When I was was a little girl all I remember having for my baby dolls is clothes, a bottle and a little swing with velcro straps! My girls have baby doll car seats, high chairs and tiny diaper bags full of baby doll size diapers, bottles, rattles and who knows what else! Check out these really cool things you can now buy for your girls that will spark any imagination for hours of play!! (You can click the pictures of any of the products to find out more about them.)

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