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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sign Language I Love You Heart Valentine!

Say I Love You with this Sign Language Heart Valentine!!

All you need is:
Construction paper
A Pencil (and crayons to decorate)
Tape (optional)

Cut a big heart out of any color you like. (We used Red and Pink)
Trace your child' hand on another piece of paper, Make sure it is a different color that your heart.
Once you trace and cut out the hand, Fold down the middle 2 fingers, beside the pinky.
We taped the fingers down with a folded piece of tape so we could get some texture but you don't have to. You can glue the fingers down if you like.

Once the fingers are glued down, it's time to glue the hand to the middle of the heart.
Decorate and your DONE!
 A Fun little craft for any age!
My girls drew themselves some fingernails on their hand :-)

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