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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crazy Weather ~ Sunny to Rainy to Snowy

I live in Western North Carolina and it has been raining here for 4 days straight! The weather has been quiet crazy in past week or so. Of course it's Winter so it's been cold most of the time but this past weekend was a different story. Friday afternoon, my daughters were able to go outside after school and jump rope without jackets on! They were super excited that they didn't have to wear a big bulky jacket or coat. It reached in the mid 70s on Saturday and we loved it! Sunday started to get chilly again and rain cam bright and early on Monday! I believe this is the first moment I have stopped and listened and NOT heard the rain coming down outside. That's not a good sign due to the news calling for snow! So we have went from Sunny Spring weather to cold and rainy to cold and snowy! This is the craziest winter I've seen in years. There hasn't been a heavy snow in Asheville in a couple years and I don't believe we are going to get one this year either. My girls have only seen 1 big snow storm in their tiny lifes and they are ready for some more..... I'm not so sure I'm ready for the snow but it would be fun to watch my girls play..... from the window of my nice warm home! I would rather be warm then cold, which makes it a good thing that my living room windows give me a clear shot to my front and back yards so my kids can play and never leave my sight. It hasn't started snowing here yet and my fiance swears that it's not going to start but all I'm worried about is school tomorrow. Is it going to be canceled? 2 hour Delay? Normal Hours? I guess I will just have to wake up early in the morning and watch the news. Until then I'm going to cuddle up in a nice warm blanket and watch some TV.
UPDATE! My daughters' school is already on 2 hour delay!!! SLEEP IN FOR MOMMY!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!!
My girls playing in the snow in 2009!

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