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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Card Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day can be so frustrating when it comes to sitting your kids down and having them fit their names along with their classmates names on those tiny little cartoon covered cards.
That's why we make our own Valentines! Each year I go on a search for new ideas on how to make my daughters' Valentines their own. I believe I hit the JACKPOT this year! Has anyone seen Photo Valentine's?
The teachers at my daughters' school seem to have the same idea but not with Valentine's Day.
Their are so many options but the most common pose is taking a photo of your child holding out their fist toward the camera. Print the photo and cut a small slit at the top and bottom of your child's fist then slide a sucker through the slits so it looks like your child is holding out the sucker. You can either type something on the photo before you print it out or you can use colorful markers and write the message yourself (or let the kids)
Below is a photo of a Photo Valentine made like I described above. I found it on Landee See, Landee Do.

Landee See, Landee Do also had a couple other ideas for the Photo Valentine for boys and you can check them out at her blog by clicking HERE.

I have a few ideas of my own that I'm gonna try out real soon. One being a Light Saber idea from pinterest. I'm not sure what blog it came from but it's very cute. It has the same concept as the one above but instead of a sucker you use a glow-stick! It's perfect for boys who like Star Wars. Below is the picture I found on Pinterest or the Light Saber and another one of the sucker idea (also found on pinterest).
(Photo found on Pinterest)
(Photo found on pinterest)
 I believe the glow-stick in the Light-saber photo is already glowing but if your going to do that option with your kids I wouldn't activate the glow-stick, I would let the receiver of the Valentine get the joy of lighting the light saber. I'm pretty sure the glow will fun out before your child made it to school even though it would be really cool for the light saber to be glowing.

All these ideas have made me come to realize that my little girls are going to have more than one option of Valentines to pass out this year. Who knew making your own Valentines would be just as hard to decide as it is to go to the store and pick out just one of the many options on the shelves.

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