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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Need new crafty idea's to do with your kids?

 Crafting with kids and making memories.

Nothing makes my kids happier than hearing me say "I have an idea!" Their little brains hit overdrive and they start trying to figure out whats going through my mind. My little girls know that my idea always leads to a fun crafting project. When the holiday's come around, I'm always on the look out for themed crafts to help my daughters get into the holiday spirit. The same goes for rainy days, birthday's and just about any moment that can be filled in with some creative fun! I ran across this neat eBook the other day while on a craft search and I knew I had to share this with all of you. The eBook is called 'Fun Kids Crafts', I know... very simple name. But that's the point! There's no other name that would fit better with a collection of over 650 fun kids crafts that are sure to keep your kiddos busy for hours! The eBook: Fun Kids Crafts, includes lots of unique Holiday Crafts as-well with Illustrations, Printable Templates and Step-by-Step Instructions!
Spending that special time with your kids can really bring a family closer together. How better to spend that quality time with your kids then to make something creative together. 
The memories will last a life time!
To Check out the eBook: Fun Kids Crafts, Click Here!

My kids painting

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