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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Puzzle Piece Creature Magnets - Fun Craft for the Kids

STOP! Don't throw out all those old puzzles that are missing a few pieces, or the ones that your kids have grown out of due to the big size of the pieces. Why throw them out when you can make really cool creature magnets out of them! It don't matter what age your child is, this activity can be ALOT of fun! With the little ones, you may need to help with the glue and painting but the older kids can do it all on their own with just 3 small steps of instructions.

Step 1 ~ Paint a puzzle piece with any color of paint. (acrylic works best, watercolors don't like to stick to the glossy surface of the puzzle)

Step 2 ~ Once the paint dries, Decorate it with googlie eyes, pipe-cleaners, feather, pom-pom balls, etc.

Step 3 ~ Glue a Magnet to the back of the Puzzle piece

Your finished! Just let it dry and hang up your art work on your fridge!

*Fun Tip*
If you don't have any extra puzzle pieces, trace some onto a piece of thin cardboard and cut out the shape.
(I couldn't find my extra puzzles so we made our own!)

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