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Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Dog Craft for Kids!

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Do you ever find yourself with a few extra minutes in the day and want to find something cute, fast and easy to do with the kids? Well since Valentine's Day is creeping near, I found this Heart Doggie Art that is just simply adorable! This would also make a good project for teachers of young kids to do in class!

All you need is 3 pieces of construction paper, glue and scissors!

Pick a main color and cut out 2 matching big Hearts. (We used Red)

Choose which color you would like to use for your background (We used White)

Cut 4 matching smaller hearts out of the remaining colored paper (We used Black)
Cut one more heart slightly smaller than the 4 you just cut, out of the same color paper.
Also cut out a tail shape out of the same color paper you used for the small hearts.

You can use circle pieces of paper for eyes or googly eyes

Glue everything together like the photo ------>

Glue the bottom big heart down first and add the 2nd big heart on top of it. The bottom points up. 2 smaller hearts go on the bottom as paws and 2 more go on the top for ears. The last little heart goes in the middle for the nose. All you gotta do to finish off this cute little heart dog is add the eyes and tail! 


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