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Friday, March 15, 2013

My Fabulous Harmony Bows Review

A while back I did a giveaway for a homemade bow from Harmony Bows. I met the girl who makes the bows on facebook and fell in-love with the look of her homemade bows. I hadn't bought any yet but I knew that all of you would enjoy a good Homemade giveaway and it went very well!

The Bow that was featured in the recent Harmony Bows Giveaway

Back in February I decided to order a few bows for my daughters. I went with neutral colors so Loran and Jade could wear the same bows with more than one outfit, then added their favorite colors in there for a personal touch. 2 of the bows that I bought were the same design, including the button center, as the one above just with different colors.
You can get your bows custom made with any ribbon that you like.
If she don't have what your looking for then she'll do her best to find it! 

There was a Valentine's sale going on when I ordered my bows so I was able to get 4 bows for just $13! Harmony Bow's is always having some sort of giveaway, deal etc. The bows are great and the service is quick and polite!
All the snow delayed my order but I wasn't concerned at all. Amanda, the owner of Harmony Bows, kept intouch with me the whole time and let me know what she knew about my package and kept me up to date. She's a wonderful woman and very polite. 

Once I got my bows I was SUPER excited! They were even better than what I expected! The 2 biggest ones are my favorite! I love the design and the way they look on my daughters! They're also very durable! Jade and Loran are rowdy and tear up stuff easily without meaning to, but they've wore these bows to school and they return looking just the same as they left! I'm very proud of my girls, I knew they would love their new bows and I'm glad they've decided to take care of them.

The Dancing Diva's modeling their Harmony Bows

Our bows included:
Two large sized ribbon bows in a black and white design, as well as 2 smaller bows with the same black and white ribbon paired with colored ribbon added colored ribbon. Jade's received a purple bow and Loran - a pink one. Also received were 2 strechy black headbands which was a big surprise since I had no idea they were going to be in there!

Amanda, the owner of Harmony Bows, just extended her products and has another business called Cadance's Closet, where she sales clothes for babies and young girls.
You can check out Cadance's Closet HERE, the clothes are simply adorable!

To view more of Amanda's bows - Visit her at the facebook page Harmony Bows

At one point in time, there were 2 sepreate facebook pages (Harmony Bows and Cadance's Closet which has been combined into one single page!)

View Harmony Bows today!

You can order the boys by sending her a private facebook message to the Harmony Bows Page.


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    1. Aren't they?! We love them! The headband is meant to be used on babies so they can wear the bows but my youngest really likes the BoHo look :-)


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