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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The BEST April Fools Prank EVER - The Caramel Apple Prank

I ran across this video a couple days ago and HAD to show it to my fiance! Alan, my fiance, and our best friend Dustin are BIG jokers and are always messing around with each other.
It just happened that my oldest step-son, that is 14, was over at the house and he watched it also. They laughed their bottom off! CW, my step-son, said he was going to try this on his friends so I will NOT eat any Caramel Apples from CW EVER!!! lol

This has to be the funniest joke I've seen teens come up with!
Watch this video and tell me if you would get mad if one of your friends did this to you!!!

This would be PERFECT for April Fools Day!!!


  1. I am never biting in to anything ever again! LOL.

    1. hahaha I bet this boys friends never trusted anything else he gave them to eat!!! LOL :-)


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