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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beautiful Story of Why My Dear Friend Joined Thirty-One!

Photo From The Bethany Buckner Coy Hodgkin's Lymphoma Benefit Page

One of my close friends from High-school, Bethany Buckner Coy, has had a tough past couple years and has stayed strong through it all! She is an inspiration to me and I'm blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life.
After high school, I lost contact with most of my friends. I ran back into them little by little and we would hang out for a few months and then go back to not seeing each other often again but we always stay intouch. Year after year, I run into more and more of my high school friends and each time I get a warm feeling in my heart. When we all lost contact after school, we also lost phone numbers and all contact information. This was all before Facebook came along. I've found lots of old friends on facebook but seeing them in person makes you feel alot better.
Ever since I ran back into Bethany, my life has been alittle bit brighter! We've only hung out a couple times  in the past year but we've talked many times and I know she knows that I care.
She sales Thirty-One and has a BEAUTIFUL story on how she came about being a Thirty-One Rep.
Knowing how special of a woman Bethany is, I wanted to share her story with you. She happily agreed and wrote up alittle bit of how she found Thirty-One!

(Grab a tissue... You may need it! I know I did!)

"Why" I joined thirty-one!
Written By Beth Buckner Coy

"I tell everybody that thirty one found me at a time when I needed it the most. I am a ten month employee (I work at a school) and I was looking for a part time job for the summer that would give me the extra money to do some fun stuff with my three year old daughter, stuff we normally wouldn't get to do.
I went to a thirty one party about a year before and I fell in love with their products and prints. I knew I wanted to have a party but we just moved into a house and I wanted to get it "company ready" before I hosted a party. When the time came I was more than excited but the day before I was set to have my party I had a miscarriage. As heartbroken as I was and still am I decided to still have my party. My way of dealing was to act like it didn't happen. The day of my party I had a great turn out tons of family and friends came. I was over joyed by that I had to excuse myself at one point to go cry. My consultant, who is now my director, was so sweet and talked to me about her experience in losing a child. There, that night I told my husband I received a blessing. So we prayed about me joining thirty one. A week later we were at church and the pastor was talking about proverbs 31. (which is where thirty one got its name) I turned to my husband and said I guess this is what I needed to be doing.
So the next day I signed up.
The first 4 months were great! I was top in sales, I was meeting alot of great women and I was getting to spend the summer with my daughter making memories.
Then again my world changed. I had 2 back to back surgeries, a month apart from each other, where in both... I almost died.
Then I found out I had cancer.
Photo From
The Bethany Buckner Coy Hodgkin's Lymphoma Benefit Page
Here I was 27, only been married for 5 years, I had a 3 year old! So I had to stay true to my "why" my family!
I put everything on hold and stop doing thirty one, to focus on them and my treatments. One thing that has given me great comfort is that if anything happened to me, my daughter had one great summer with me.
Thanks to thirty one!
It's been 6 months and I am finishing up with my treatments and I think I'm ready!
Ready to start my life back and share my story in hopes it might be a blessing to someone else.
I am excited to see what's in store."

As you can tell from the story above, Bethany Buckner Coy is one special lady! I have been here with Bethany through her struggle with Cancer and I am so amazed at how well she has taken everything and how strong she has been able to be. Of course she has her bad days and the best are the good days, But everyone has those! The support system that has been formed for Bethany Buckner Coy is more than anyone could of imagined!
The Love is shown in many ways and it makes me smile to know that my dear friend is near the end of her battle and is going to be STRONGER THAN EVER!

Cancer has always scared me, as my regular followers will know from my Daddy-Paw post, But Bethany has helped me so much just by staying strong and positive through her entire battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She has inspired me to be  stronger woman myself and to spend more time with my family because you never know when something can happen.

I hope you enjoyed reading my friends story and I hope she inspires you to do something awesome with your life and to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

If you would like to check out her website and look around Click HERE

Thirty-One only ships to the US and Military APO/FPO addresses that are out of the US.

I am willing to get things shipped to my house and ship them myself to you if you  live in an area that Thirty-One will not ship to but YOU will need to pay all the shipping including the shipping it will take me to ship it to you.
I don't know shipping prices (I'll have to look into it) It won't be very cheap :(

Bethany is in the process of making a Facebook Page for her Thirty-One Business and when she gets it get up I will link this post to it aswell as any other post I have up about Bethany or Thirty-One. But she will gladly answer any questions you may have for her. You can leave your questions under this post as a comment or you can find her personal page (Bethany Buckner Coy) on Facebook and send her a Direct Message. Know that if you send her a message on Facebook, it may be a few days before she responds due to it going to her Other Folder and not Alerting her of a new message.

I was not paid in any way for this post, I wrote this on my own other than the story from my close friend, Bethany Buckner Coy. I did not write this for the reason of everyone buying Thirty-One from Bethany, I wanted to tell everybody about how I have an awesome friend who is such a strong woman. I want her to KNOW that she is Important and Special.
If you would like to order from Bethany then that would be wonderful but that's not the whole point of this post.
(I just want everyone to know what my intentions were when I wrote this post)

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