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Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Candle/Melt Warmer

Don't have a Candle Warmer or Melter at home but really want to use those Melts that your friend gave you?

I have finally figured out the simple way to enjoy the wonderful smells of melts before you make it to the store to get you a Melter. (Sometimes those melters and candler warmers can cost a pretty penny and not everyone has $25 of extra money to spend on a a tiny hot-plate for candles and tart melts. Nothing against the melters or candle warmers, I love them and not all of them are pricey)

Use your stove eye and a empty baby-food jar!

Get a shallow pot or a thick pan (like a small cast iron pan)
Put a small amount of water in the pan. If you put to much, when the wax melts the jar will be to light and may tip over.

Put your melt in the baby-food jar and sit it in the middle of the pan. Make sure the jar don't float.

Start your stove-eye at Medium - High and once the water is hot and starts to bubble a tiny bit, then turn it down to Medium - Low.

Keep an eye on your melts, If you keep it on for a long period of time you will have to add more water to the pan.

The smells of my melt covered my whole house and I was very surprised!
I decided to try this out while I was waiting on my mom to bring me one of her warmers so I could do a review and I got tired of waiting :-)

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